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Transportation Industries

Petro Tejarat Shahin
develops, engineers, produces, purchases and transports vehicles and equipment. The vehicles include passenger cars, Buses and Trucks. Our professional teams alongside our partners and affiliates, continuously monitor, upgrade and optimize the machinery. This allows us to minimize costs and production time, increase machine lifetime, reduce shipping time and improve production efficiency.
In addition, Petro Tejarat Shahin has expertise in overcoming the greatest challenges of exporting and importing mentioned vehicles. Our team of experts helps clients in reducing shipping errors, as well as preventing large damages, down times and avoiding lost opportunity.


Petro Tejarat Shahin offers a wide range of automotive supply and distribution services. We specialize in automobile production, import and export services and supply of automobile parts. We offer a wide selection of automobile engine components, equipment, accessories, production machinery and tools. Petro Tejarat Shahin is capable of satisfying substantial demands in the automotive industry. We take pride in assisting numerous clients in the industry, including mechanic shops, collision centers, car dealerships and large car manufacturers.

Some of the supported vehicles include:

  • Public Transit Vehicles (Bus)
  • Personal Vehicles, Pickup Trucks and Vans
  • Ambulance, Police Vehicles and Fire Trucks
  • Medium and Heavy Conventional Trucks

Furthermore, the expert team of Petro Tejarat Shahin controls every stage of automobile trading, from locating suppliers, negotiating, contracting, providing secure payment methods as well as participating in efficient import and export services. Moreover, our team controls the shipping operation in order to meet regional standards, customs regulations and regulatory laws.


Trains and Wagons

Petro Tejarat Shahin is capable of purchasing, selling, shipping and operating numerous types of trains and wagons. Furthermore we provide additional services in the train industry, such as train maintenance, supply of parts, lubricants and equipment.
Some of the trains and wagons we support are:
  • Trains (Subway and Metro)
  • Locomotive Trains
  • Passenger Trains
  • Light Rail and Inner City Trains (Street Cars)
  • Cargo Trains


Petro Tejarat Shahin strives to provide a professional aviation supply. We are capable of supplying aviation agencies with aircraft parts, pilot equipment, commercial and industrial flight equipment, aviation tools, software, instruments, aircraft engines, aircraft gear and components, as well as aviation electronics. Our expert aviation team handles hundreds of orders all around the world and is reputable for its fast shipping, secure order system, and customer support.
In addition Petro Tejarat Shahin practices:
  •  Airplane Trading (Purchase and Sell)
  •  Overhaul (Repair and Examine)
  •  Airport Development
  •  Supply of Airport Necessities and Equipment
  •  International Student Training & Licensing

Ships, Tankers and Boats

Petro Tejarat Shahin engages in trading, transporting and operating water crafts such as boats, ships and tankers. Moreover we provide additional water vessel services including supply of parts, repair and maintenance, as well as international training and licensing.

Some of the water crafts and ships our organization supports are:

  • Container Ships
  • Bulk Carrier
  • Tanker Ships
  • Passenger Ships
  • Offshore Ships
  • Special Purpose Ships
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