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Welcome to Petro Tejarat Shahin

Petro Tejarat Shahin (P.T.S.) was founded in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Its primary focus was export and transit of Iranian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical products in the region and global markets.

As the business grew steadily over the years, P.T.S. decided to establish different office around the world to facilitate the business activities with its valuable clients and now gladly is known to many end users and recognizable traders in the world, spanning its operations around the globe from the Middle East to Europe, Africa and to the Far-East.

P.T.S. is built on diverse and expert staff, experienced management, optimized logistics and comprehensive financial services. This in-house expertise guarantees consistency and excellence of execution for customers and suppliers alike.

Today, P.T.S. has a fully diversified product range. As a result, we are the distributor of choice for the major Polymer, Chemical and Petroleum producers in on and in other parts of the world.

We are equally committed to the highest ethical standards, creating the bond of trust enjoyed with suppliers and customers alike.

Why us?

Today, Petro Tejarat Shahin is one of the leading exporters of Oil & Gas in the Middle East, CIS and SE Asia countries, and acts as a leading global trading company with efficient, trustworthy and reliable services.
Based on the above, we maintain long-standing relationship with the world leading manufacturers. Therefore, whatever requirement of oil products a customer may have, Petro Tejarat Shahin is positioned to meet them.
With a group of expertise staff, Petro Tejarat Shahin is able to provide professional service covering international sales and purchasing.

Summary of Feasibility Study for Shahid Soleymani Petro-Refinry

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