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wire & cable

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 One of the sectors of Petro Tejarat Shahin is dealing with Wire & Cable where the company has been established great partnership with main manufacturers in Iran, providing their raw materials (Polymers & Copper) and export the finished product to potential markets.

After years of efforts and taking advantage of modern technology and experienced engineers, consultants and purchasing advanced machineries and laboratory equipment’s from Europe, our plants take an important step in the development and diversification of its production, able to perform and fulfill its expansion plan and produce various cables such as low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage cables up to 230 kilowatt and also produce all kinds of rubber cables designed especially for sea and water projects, lead sheathing cables and communication cables.

The plants laboratories equipped with all necessary devices to perform a variety of tests, including Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Resistance and ... for all types of producing cables such as low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage in order to assure about the Excellency and quality of the produced cables for our valuable clients all over the world.

The range of products can be listed as follows:

  • Building Wire & Cables
  • Different low voltage cables (0.6-1 KV), XLPE Insulator, PVC, lead sheathing & armoured
  • Different medium voltage cables (1-36 KV), XLPE Insulator, lead sheathing & armoured
  • Different high voltage cables to 230 KV, XLPE Insulator, PVC, lead sheathing & armoured
  • Different Instrument Cables
  • Different Coaxial Cables (0.6-1 KV)
  • Different Fire Resistance Cables
  • Different lead sheathing Cables
  • Different Rubber Coated Cables applied in Maritime
  • Different Special Cables based on clients request

All production of our manufacturers are following national and international standards.

It should be noted that these manufacturers not only supplying needs and requirements of regional power companies, Energy Ministry, National Iranian Oil Company, Oil, Gas and petrochemical industries, Steel Industry and all reputable contractors cables in major projects of the country, but also export variety type of its products to some regional & Middle-East countries.

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